Winning Edge

Performance Counselling


This questionnaire is meant for all performers*.

Sport persons, students, actors, singers, speakers are examples of those who fall under the category of performers*. In fact all of us are performers who wear many hats and play different roles in life.

If you have answered to `yes’ to most of the questions then there may be  negative factors that can be affecting your performance or there may be other factors not connected to your activity but can still cause an impact on you, in which case you may need professional help-we are with you. 

Most factors like anxiety, doubt, worry and negative emotions that affect performance can be dealt effectively. If you have doubts and questions on how you can improve your performance, we want to assure you that it is possible to manage the negative factors and improve your performance through `counseling and mind skill training.’

We offer you expert guidance on the psychological aspects on how to become an accomplished performer. You can share your deepest aspirations, ambitions, frustrations and doubts with us. We offer counseling through on-line counseling services and personal one-on-one counseling from our center at Bengaluru south, Karnataka, India.

“We follow up on our client’s progress and lend valuable support to them at all times.”

Our objective is to empower our clients to be better than before

          Now! You can build a positive mental attitude, become optimistic, get in to the fast track, overcome your doubts and hesitations, build confidence, improve performance and get the desired results.